What's new at Kissui:

Every Spring we receive what feels like epic amounts of shipment. It's fun, we love to see a fresh store emerge, but wow, it is SO much work!  While seeing all the new clothing is so fun, it's also a great time to visit because it's markdown time! We have to make room somehow!

Aside from clothing, all of our most recent tradeshow finds are trickling in.  The little gems that you see sprinkled throughout the store.  These are what I find the most fun. New must-haves, new innovations, or maybe even old favorites that we have brought back in.  

Some of my current favorites:

Haaka BreastpumpThe haaka silicone breastpump is just genius! Simply suction to the breast and that's it. It will catch a letdown and then some.  It has a suction cup base, because we all know what spilling breastmilk is like...  FInd it here:  Haaka

Mama & Little teething necklaces are back!  Her combinations and colorways just can't be beat.  Find it here: Mama & Little
 V-Cups!  I'm sure you've heard talk of menstrual cups among your friends, I know I have!  My biggest obstacle personally was deciding which brand, and which size. So, after lots and lots of research, I am sold on these. Each box includes BOTH sizes, hello & yay!  Find it here: V-Cups

Yes, we all know Piper Wai from Shark Tank, and I am excited to offer this in both stores. Personally, I love it!  It's the best all natural deodorant I've tried.  Don't be put off by the fact that it's in a jar, somehow there is no residue on your fingers after application, it's amazing!   Find it here: Piper Wai

 Little Unicorn. There are no words for their Spring line, it is just all around amazing.  Find it here: Little Unicorn