Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

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Type: Essentials

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace are made with beads of true Baltic Amber. When worn against the skin, the warmth from the sking releases the healing oils from the amber, providing anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, perfect to soothe a teething baby.


Baltic Amber jewelry is not designed for chewing or sucking. The benefits of wearing come from the oils are which are released through contact with the skin.


Do not let baby chew necklace. Use only under direct supervision. Remove the necklace whenever your child is unsupervised, including naps and bedtime.


The size, shape, and color of each piece amber varies. However, if you have a preference for a darker or lighter colored necklace, with polished or unpolished stones, please not that in the comments at checkout.



Amber Teething Necklaces come in two different sizes for baby:


Small = 11 to 11.5 inches


Medium = 12 to 12.5 inches


Sizing considerations: The necklace should not be too long that the baby can bring it up over the chin and place it in their mouth. Nor should the necklace be so short as to not be comfortable. Test for sizing with a piece of yarn and cut to fit appropriately based on the previous considerations, then measure the yarn piece and compare to the above sizes available and order accordingly.




For safety considerations, each piece of amber is knotted individually onto the strand which ensures that if baby were to break the necklace, it would only free one bead. Also, the beads are smaller than the size of a pea such that they can safely be swallowed should one come free. The clasp at the back is free from metal and allergens, and is also held together by knots which ensures if enough pressure is placed on the necklace, the clasp would break open.


Care Instructions:


Keep free from lotions, polishes, waxes, and other residues that might coat the surface and would act as a barrier between you and the healing succinic acid in the amber. Amber can be worn in the tub, but should be taken off in the pool or hot tub as the chemicals can break it down. If the necklace needs to be washed, use warm water only -not soap.